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Animal Rehome Waikato Facebook page 

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Waikato Regional Council - pest animals

Waikato SPCA - report neglect or abuse

NZ Transport Agency - report stock on highways

NZ Police - report stock on district roads or highways

Dog Control Act 1996 

Animal Welfare Act 1999


Find out about the Council's activities, regulations, requirements and your responsibilities in relation to dog and livestock control in the Waikato district. You can also find out how to adopt a dog from our dog pound and check out dogs for adoption on our Animal Rehome Waikato Facebook page.

Note that pest animal control (for example, for feral cats, possums, rats, deer, stoats etc.) is managed by the Waikato Regional Council. See their website for more information and download their free pest animal factsheets. Our Council also hires out cat traps - see our form for details.

If you want to report animal neglect or abuse, please in the first instance contact the Waikato SPCA - phone 07 847 4868. Welfare concerns about livestock can be taken to the SPCA and/or the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) - freephone 0800 00 83 33.

To report all other dog or animal issues for the Waikato district, please contact our animal control staff on our freephone 0800 492 452. For all other animal control enquiries you can use our freephone, email us or request a service.

Dog control

Livestock control

We're mainly involved with the registration and control of dogs in our district: however, we also manage and provide solutions for stock control and the movement of livestock on our roads and around our district. Forms relevant to livestock are listed below.

If you need to report livestock wandering or lying on one of our district roads, call our animal control staff - they're available 24 hours a day on our freephone 0800 452 492. For non-urgent livestock control enquiries you can use our freephone, email us or request a service.

To report livestock on state highways, call the NZ Transport Agency freephone 0800 4 HIGHWAYS (0800 44 44 49).

Policies, bylaws and forms

See our forms page for the following dog-related forms:

  • Application for adoption.
  • Application for name and address of registered owner of dog.
  • Application for permit to keep more than two dogs.
  • Application to microchip dog.
  • Application to register dog.
  • Application to microchip dog (more than one dog).
  • Application to register dog (more than one dog).
  • Breeder's notification of placement of pups.
  • Change of ownership (one dog).
  • Change of ownership (more than one dog).
  • Classification under farm owner policy (register a farm dog).
  • Application for refund - deceased dog.

Forms related to other types of animals can also be found on the same forms page

  • Application to borrow animal trap.
  • Application for the release of impounded stock.
  • Application for livestock dairy crossing permit.
  • Application for livestock moving permit.



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fees and charges schedule

Policies plans and bylaws

Dog Control Policy 2015 -,-reports,-publications/Policies/Animal-Control-2015/Dog-Control-Policy-2015.aspx

Dog Control Bylaw 2015,-reports,-publications/Policies/Animal-Control-2015/Dog-control-bylaw-2015.aspx

Keeping of Animals Bylaw 2015,-reports,-publications/Policies/Animal-Control-2015/Keeping-of-animals-Bylaw-2015.aspx 

Stock Movement Bylaw 2011  (Includes Stock Movement Policy)