Food & alcohol

There should be a separate landing page for food licenses and alcohol licenses

* TN: I cant find any information around food license requirements, is this actually a thing?

Each page describes information about:
why a license is required to sell alcohol
the application process

For Alcohol Licenses: 

The first CTA will be for 'Pay or renew alcohol license now' preceded by some information asking the user if they've already had their license approved and have been issued a certificate that they can pay their fee here. This will link to the Pay Now page with 'Certificates' preselected for the payment type. The user should be returned to the Alcohol licensing section after successful payment

A CTA to 'View submitted applications' will take the user to a list of alcohol licensing submissions

After this CTA and copy, a heading that says 'Apply for an Alcohol License' will be displayed followed by a list of the different alcohol license types.

For each of the detail pages for each alcohol license page will be a 'Apply for <license type>' now' CTA which will immediately download the appropriate PDF form